January 17, 2021

Top 5 Technical Interview Questions for Java

Are you looking for technical interview questions for java? here is the blog that will give you full information on technical questions for java and the complete information on java. If you’re asking questions for first time on java, you need to read this article, because it consists full topic on java and we also provided answers for that questions. Java was introduced in 1995 and that was developed by sun micro systems and it is an open source, independent platform language programming.

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It has most popular in technical interview, it makes more important in your career and you can learn java in a short span, because it includes English type of syntax, so that makes you easy and if you’re strong in basic concepts of C++, then that will more easier for you. If you adopt this programming languages to your life that will more beneficial for your career.

Top 5 Technical Interview Questions for Java

In coming days, you’re going to interview for java developer and the interview is tomorrow only, so take a look of this article and you can easily clear the technical interview.

  1. Major differences between Java and C++?

Java and basic C are the object orient language and they have some difference and they will ask for give two differences of both. Java is independent platform and the C++ is dependent platform. Java has no pointers concept, while C++ has full concepts of pointers.

  1. What is the usage of Class loader?

Class loader is a class of pre-defined and custom number and whenever the program wants to execute, JVM loads all contents and they need class and they will use with the help of class loader JVM.


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  1. What you meant by Type Casting on Java?

Type casting means that will allows you to assign value of data type and afterwards that allows two data and that has to compatible to the versions of their needs.

  1. What is continue and break Statement?

Continue statement are used for current iteration of while loop and do while loop and that allows you to use break statement to skip first iteration of outermost while.

  1. What exactly interface?

Interface are the important part of core java programming language and it is used in java design, JDK concepts and frameworks.

Like this, there are lots of java questions and above are the top Technical Interview Questions for Java and this one is the most recently asked questions of one of my friend interviews.

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