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Many of our students - present and past - have voiced their need and ardent desire to improve their English. They wish to be able to write and speak fluently in English so that they are able to handle their business better. We have repeatedly observed that while many of our students are very good in the skills of their chosen field of study, they lack confidence when it comes to express themselves effectively in English. The result is shyness, diffidence, and poor communication.

To remove this lacuna, we have decided to conduct separate classes for improvement of English. The importance of English as a truly international language and as the language of business and industry is well recognized. Command of English proves to be an important asset in social and professional life. This Spoken English Course is aimed mainly at those students who have studied in Marathi or other regional language as the medium of instruction upto Secondary School and even collegiate level.

Admissions to Spoken English Course will be made after the regular courses begin. The main focus will be on developing the skills of communicating effectively in English. The teaching methods will include practical exercises, role playing, and home assignments.

Developing good command any language other than your mother tongue requires continuous practice. Good vocabulary is the base for learning any foreign language. The course will include tips on developing such base. The English that one writes and speaks should also be grammatically correct, and it should be of an acceptable standard. The Institute, therefore, expects from the students who join this course that they would take a long-term view and would continue to take efforts at improving their English in a systematic and sustained manner. It is indeed possible to develop very good command of this foreign language provided one diligently works at it.

The course would also include a short module on good social manners and etiquettes so that one is comfortable, acceptable and impressive in the company of customers, business associates and acquaintances. The batches for this course would be small (of 20 students each) so that each student gets individual attention of the faculty. Details of the teaching schedule, fees etc will be announced after the regular courses begin. Students should keep track of the notices being put up by the Institute in this connection.