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Counseling is the interaction between the client and the counselor. It is always goal focused and brief. Here at Technotips we listen, we understand and we care for our clients. We understand their need and suggest what is necessary and what is irrelevant for their career whether it is their education or their job. Once you are at Technotips means your career will point towards the right direction. Its systematic assessment, discovery and decision-making process incorporates powerful and highly acclaimed program, which for years has been helping students sort out their future direction by understanding the unique gifts and talents they were born with. The best way to design your future career is to take one further step: having on-going coaching and support at crucial decision points during your college years -to ensure you get the advice you need, when you need it.

Education Counseling

Deciding on the best possible career direction is the most important part of any educational planning. The core objective of Education counseling is to provide professional counseling service, social, emotional or psychological issues that may inhibit personal or professional performance and advancement. Technotips consists of a professional staff of qualified counselors who provide short-term individual and group therapy. The program is designed to help students get their compass needle pointed in the right direction. The program provides consultation, psycho-educational programs, trainings and workshops. The following analysis facilities are done at Technotips.


Technotips seeks to strengthen individual learning by minimizing interruption to the learning process, caused by mental health concerns. We offer service that is welcoming, confidential, non-judgmental and unbiased.

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