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Performance Machine Work. Automotive, tractor pullers, diesel; Prototype Machine Work, Model Making & Fabrication. Metal stamping, rolling, shearing, bending, etc.

Things to Know About Cam Grinding : Automotive Design ...

Camlobe grinding is a complex variant of cylindrical grinding. When raw camshafts are manufactured—by casting in sand or shell molds (cast iron), forged or machined from barstock (steel)—roughly 0.02 to 0.12 in. of stock is generally available for grinding.

Thompson Automotive Machine Ltd. Nanaimo B.C.

Custom engine building for automotive, industrial and marine use. Engine machining including crank grinding, cam grinding, head rebuilding, driveshaft repair and balancing.

Hart's Machine Service Crankshaft Center

Crankshaft grinding is the process of grinding down the main and rod journals of crankshafts. Sometimes very expensive high performance crankshafts are damaged.

High Intensity Grinding Course - Metal Grinding Expert ...

The High Intensity Grinding Course is a three-day course on grinding with conventional and superabrasives.It is aimed at those who already have at least some experience in grinding and want to obtain an in-depth understanding of production grinding.

Complete Automotive Engine Machine Shop

Automotive machine shop services include valve jobs, block boring and honing, crankshaft grinding, camshaft grinding, connecting rod reconditioning and welding.

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Critical Parts. Made Locally. Supplied Globally. In need of a critical part for your product? Choose a part made in Jackson. Our strong community is made up of diverse, experienced manufacturers who can't wait to create precision parts that fit your exact specifications.

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Machine Shop Services. At Ledford Performance Machine Shop, we offer machine shop services for both gas and diesel, import and domestic, stock or performance applications, including heavy duty diesel applications such as: Caterpillar, Detroit, Mac, Cummins, International, John Deere, etc. and also ATV & Motorcycles as well.

Camshaft 101: The History And Substance Of Camshafts

Camshafts have been a part of engineering for centuries. An early cam was built into the Hellenistic water-driven automata from the 3rd-century BC, which is probably the first engineering reference to camshafts.

Flatheads - Camshafts

Stock cams were often ground for quicker opening and closing times, giving additional duration.

Mac-Weld, Inc. - Machine and Welding Parts and Services

WHERE SATISFACTION IS STANDARD AND THE STANDARD IS QUALITY . Mac-Weld, Inc. rebuilds all types of automotive engines, medium duty diesel engines, gas and diesel tractor engines, and most inboard marine engines in our Carbondale, IL professional machine shop.


MACHINE SHOP ABOR GIDE 2 Lordco has a proven track record you can trust. We are one of the largest and most modern Automotive Machine Shops in B.C.

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Grindmaster builds Grinding Machines, Polishing Machines, Deburring Machines, Superfinishing Machines. Provides Robotic Solutions, Coated & Film Backed Abrasives, Superfinishing Films.

Information about Small Engine Valves, Springs, Lifters ...

Information about Small Engine Valves, Springs, Lifters, Camshafts and Exhaust Header Pipe Where Science and Common Sense Come Together for Better Engine Performance